By Cynthia Laird, Lay Servant
Senatobia District

There is a connection so vital that no clergy spouse should be without it – the support of other clergy spouses who unite through faith in God, love of family, and dedication to church.  No one else but another clergy spouse can understand the challenges you face as you support your spouse and family in so many ways, serve with your talents in church work even when you fall short of expectations or needs, and strive to maintain the spiritual disciplines that strengthen and nourish you as an individual.  Clergy spouses know what it is like to help the family adjust and build friendships in new locations.  They know what it is like to offer comfort when their pastor spouse is stressed, but cannot discuss the reasons.  They know what it is like to just need a friend – someone who understands what they face. 

I have recently begun to understand the importance of this connection.  Two dedicated ladies, one a pastor’s widow and the other the wife of a retired pastor, have offered me loving kindness and support at a time when I have greatly needed “mothering”.  They served just like their husbands served, and they know a thing or two about this life!  I have received phone calls, a wonderful get-together dinner, and items for the mission yard sale at Minor Memorial UMC on April 11.  I have one of them on speed dial, and the other is a friend on Facebook.

There are other pastor’s wives who have been an inspiration.  They are leaders and encouragers.  They are friends on call 24/7 that will help you, guide you, support you, and gently tell you if something could be handled better.  Basically, they are extended family members who love you.

We need the prayers and support of each other, and it is time to get together.  The Clergy Spouses’ Brunch will take place on June 4th at the Jackson Convention Center.  The deadline for brunch registration is May 1, 2015.  Please register and join us at Conference.  Clergy Spouses -unite!

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