Soon after "Moving Day" each summer,  districts around the state typically have a "picnic" (which is actually more like a covered dish and inside--but "picnic" sounds more fun!  :)


This is a great time to connect with other Clergy Spouses and talk about upcoming events.  Some districts even have time for the Clergy Spouses to meet in a separate room.  If you have this time, may we suggest a few topics to be sure and cover:


1.  Get to know names, and welcome those new to the district.


2.  Decide on one contact person from your district and submit their name to Nancy Creel at . Nancy is president of Clergy Spouses and wants to stay in contact with each district.


3.  Be sure that everybody is aware of the retreat in Pearl.  ALSO....

talk about offering a carpool to the retreat.  (Especially if you live in the north or southern parts of the state!)  Maybe reserve a church van and decide on a place and time to meet up.


4.  Tell everybody in your meeting about our website!!!  Encourage them to become Members and submit their email addresses so we can keep them up to date via email.  


5.  Remember if you are in the Seashore district you help with this year's retreat. (They are doing an awesome job!)  


6.  As a fun way of connecting in your district, you might want to see if there's an interest in setting a date to all meet up and have lunch together periodically.


Have a fun time at the picnic!!!

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