Each year the districts take turns being responsible to Clergy Spouse events.  Please check below and see when your district is designated to help with the preparation of upcoming retreats and luncheons. 




2016              HATTIESBURG             CONFERENCE LUNCHEON (A)

                      NEW ALBANY               CONFERENCE LUNCHEON  (B)

                      TUPELO                        FALL RETREAT


2017              EAST JACKSON           CONFERENCE LUNCHEON (A)

                      SEASHORE                   CONFERENCE LUNCHEON (B)

                      BROOKHAVEN              FALL RETREAT


2018             WEST JACKSON           CONFERENCE LUNCHEON (A)

                      SENATOBIA                   CONFERENCE LUNCHEON (B)

                     GREENWOOD               FALL RETREAT



NOTE:  Please bear with us....We revamped the schedule rotation to prevent the same district from having to be responsible for big events too close together....HOWEVER, to get the new schedule set up, some districts might have a sudden repeat, namely Seashore and Tupelo. Please note, that after that you will get a 4 year break.  See complete schedule on this website under "Forms and File" tab. CLICK HERE