Welcome to the Clergy Spouse Website!


Our mission is to reach out to Mississippi United Methodist Ministers' Spouses.


               It is our goal to help you feel connected to other minister wives/husbands who share in this unique lifestyle. 

            We want to keep you informed with details about our annual fall retreat and Conference luncheon.  There will be information files you can open to find out about college scholarships available for you, minutes from out last meeting and our general bylaws.  And we will offer a message board for members to share their thoughts, questions and comments. It's a good way to share ideas and stay connected.


                 We hope that through this site we can offer links to resources that can offer encouragement and support for you in ministry and your personal Christian walk.  If you have suggested link or books, please let us know.  msumcclergyspouses@gmail.com 


               Please go to our Contact Us page and send us an email about what you'd like to see on this website.  Remember, this website is meant to be a ministry and information source for those of us who find ourselves serving God through our role as Clergy Spouses (a.k.a. "married to the preacher.")


               Grace and Peace!